The Godspell Campaign Setting

"The greatest knowledge, indeed the greatest truth, often brings about great threats and even greater risks. Knowledge can be found aplenty in Midlorr and the greatest truth is The Godspell. Pursue either at your own peril…" Seeroth the Dark

The Seven Spheres image designed by Serge W. Desir, Jr. and created by Sean "modus0" Johnston

The Godspell Campaign Setting (GCS) is a Dungeons and Dragons setting created by Serge W. Desir, Jr. A public forum for the Campaign Setting can be found at Dicefreaks.

The campaign setting revolves around the world of Midlorr and a set of artifacts referred to collectively as The Godspell.

The cosmology is similar to the Great Wheel Cosmology officially espoused by v3.5 of Dungeons and Dragons, but has some important differences.

4th Edition D&D and The Godspell

While the Godspell Campaign setting officially uses 3.5 rules, the continent-realm of Oriund is being developed with 4e as a primary focus.

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Playing in the GCS requires the core Dungeons and Dragons rulebooks: the Player's Handbook, the Dungeon Master's Guide, and the Monster Manual. Also required is the information in The Godspell Campaign Setting Wiki (this site). Additional official Dungeons and Dragons texts are referenced for some NPC statblocks, and may be useful for gameplay. Dicefreaks has an Dicefreaks Official Published Texts List, which lists which books are used in designing official Dicefreaks and Godspell material.

Creating a Character

The following process should be followed when creating a character for play in the GCS:

  1. Check with your Dungeon Master. The Dungeon Master should be familiar with the rules for playing Dungeons and Dragons, along with the contents of this wiki. He or she will help you to understand what should be considered when playing in the GCS.
  2. Roll Ability Scores. The method for this is up to the DM; however, the recommended method is a 32 point-buy system.
  3. Choose your Class and Race. Classes can be chosen from any approved source; however, some classes may be limited to certain regions, races and time periods. Races differ from those published in the Player's Handbook (PHB), and should be referenced here at this wiki. Note that some races differ even between Continent-Realms.
  4. Assign and Adjust Ability Scores. Refer to the PHB for further details.
  5. Review the Starting Package. Refer to the PHB for further details.
  6. Record Racial and Class Features. Refer to the PHB for further details.
  7. Select Skills. Refer to the PHB for further details.
  8. Select Feats. Refer to the PHB for further details.
  9. Detail your Character. Chapter 6 of the PHB, along with this wiki, can help with this.
  10. Select Equipment. Refer to the PHB for further details. This wiki may provide some new equipment options.
  11. Record Combat Numbers. Refer to the PHB for further details.
  12. Details, Details, Details. Refer to the PHB for further details.
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