The Aldra are the most cohesive of the Saldra. While the pantheons of the Drala and Sala have been all but destroyed (only one Sala remains and it is believed that the Drala are all dead), the Aldra have proven resilient in the face of powerful, willful mortals. There have been fewer cosmic and interloper-god incursions in the Drm due to Aldra cohesiveness. However, there continues to be great conflicts among the Aldra. There are many cliques among the Aldra; in the distant past, the Aldra more accurately were comprised of four or five distinct sub-pantheons that were further supplemented by outsider proxies and servants. These sub-pantheons were regionally based and with limited interaction with others beyond their group. As mortals progressed in power and sophistication, the Aldra were forced to evolve and interact with each other to greater degrees. The Aldra pantheon, as it exists now, is far different from that even five thousand years ago and has recently evolved even further with the creation of the Ministry.

Below are lists of the best known Aldra, their alignments, portfolios, domains, and weapon of choice. Also included for ease of reference are the better known racial deities of the dwarves, elves, and hobgoblins.

Aurlarist (N)
Ausarii (CG)
Barthramus (LG)
Brumbd (LN)
Bythal Dalax (LE)
Cabernasus (CE)
Celzar (LG)
Churarbus (CN)
Dauth Alman (LE)
Edian (NE)
Faeynas (LG)
Ganlarid (CG)
Havas (N)
Helias (NG)
Iycarthis (N)
Khamund (NE)
Lanira (CG)
Lestonises (LE)
Malvolans (CE)
Marlon (CN)
Mastrum (CN)
Minarthris (CN)
Nemaria (NG)
Ostensis (CE)
Pyaras (NG)
Stakarth (CN)
Talamas (CG)
Thore Mire (LN)
Vhanthermis (LG)

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