The city furthest south from Valernus, Calbet is perhaps the most tied to the will of the Ministry. Named after one of Valernus’ sons who happened to be a priest of Celzar, Calbus began as Valdeze began to grow south. Not facing any real threat from other recently released lands once under Bainland’s yoke, Calbus was originally a religious center. It lies near a vast array of Uruba Duruban ruins and, as a result, the ground near and around Calbus was always considered sacred, if not holy. Eventually, Calbus became a center for monastic travel and is heavily populated by the various Order of the Arch Angels. Since Calbus sits on the top of a numerous hills and Duruban ruins, it does not have walls. However, due to its precarious location, it is not necessarily frequented by the wealthiest of merchants for long periods of time. Calbus is where the bulk of Valdeze’s limestone and mineral deposits are found; it is also where the middle-class families send their children to schools instructed by the Order of the Arch Angels. Treasure hunters and adventurers, although not welcome, often travel among the ruins which seem to descend far beneath the surface.

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