Cavern Of Eyes

Once a temple dedicated to the god of Paranoia and Fear, Arcanu, the Cavern of Eyes was said to have been constructed by the duruban and their aberrant allies, the alnoidials. When the Demon Wars concluded, the alnoidials were all but slaughtered by clerics and an avatar of the Demon Prince Masteronus but the Cavern remained in duruban hands until the Seventh Age. The god, Arcanu, ceased granting spells in Eleventh Age, crushing any hopes Arcanu worshippers had of reclaiming the Cavern. Beyond the duruban and Arcanu, the Cavern has been associated with The Lands Below, the Great Reckoning, and even the Seven Spheres. Located in the Weeping Fens of Uruba, the Cavern has drawn scores of treasure hunters and adventurers. All who have entered and left the Cavern alive emerge with no memory of what took place during their travels.

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