Dalrin initially started as a huge, heavily defended fortress to guard against the perception of future Bainland threats. Named after one of Valernus’ chief generals during the Bloody Revolt, Dalrin is now the second largest city in Valdeze and, after Valernus, is the most cosmopolitan. Dalrin benefits from being part of the Wynding River trade route, finding itself a popular destination for many northern travelers interested in trade or a new start. Although there is no love for elves here, the people in Dalrin are less likely to lynch an elf or a half-elf if they stumble into one, and are even less likely to call one out unless the elf is clearly hoping to be seen. Dalrin, in addition to the substantial amount of coin it receives from tariffs it applies to merchants traveling the Wynding River Valley, also provides Valdeze with the bulk of its fish and timber trade. Due to the high tariffs, only the larger and wealthier merchants travel along the River through Dalrin. Other tend to disembark at the port and continue south by caravan. Historically, Dalrin is the only city that functions under a psuedo-hierarchy as almost every Lord Mayor can trace his line back to Dalrin. The current Lord Mayor is Dalrin V. Aside from being a draw for merchants, Dalrin also seems to draw the curious and adventurous due to the presence of at least three ancient landmarks. First, there are a good number of duruban ruins located near the outskirts of the city, near the town of Reddenwood. Many of these ruins are said to be teeming with kobolds and, on occasion, need to be cleaned out. Second, there are the Spiral Towers. These towers, near the center of the Dalrin territory, have always been regarded as existing on either sacred or profane ground depending on who is asked. They have been identified with cults and churches associated with Alleris, Celzar, Masteronus, Ostensis, and Terranolyn. For the past few centuries, numerous rumors have suggested that it is currently controlled by Ostensi. If this is true, neither the Ministry nor Dalrin officials have seen fit to eliminate such a threat. The final location is Molus Hill. Located near the tiny hamlet of Molus, this is another site said to have ties not only to the duruban but to elves, beholders, and dragons. During the days when the first Bainlanders arrived, during the Bloody Revolt, and possibly well before the first Bainlanders, the Hill drank a lot of blood. Some even claim that the Crin’s Sacred met here on occasion. Recently, mining activities have started in the caves under the Hill.

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