Deus Field

Many worlds are created by overpowers, beings that surpass gods, cosmic entities, and primal spirits in status. So far, no one knows how overpowers create these worlds. The compositions of these suns and worlds vary. Some stars are portals to a divine realm, the Elemental Reality of Fire, the Reality of Life, or the Reality of Light. Others are self-sustaining flames with no extraplanar origin. The composition of each world likewise differs. Planets and stars are usually spherical, and planets typically revolve around stars (though the reverse has been known to exist). Basic Newtonian physics apply across the Mortal Coil unless a power (usually an overpower, but sometimes a pantheon of gods or similarly powerful group) intervenes to alter them.

Magic seems to be a constant across the worlds of the Mortal Coil, although throughout the different Deus Fields, there seems to be an amount of control over the exact nature of magic that can be accessed in each particular world, even to the point of sealing a Deus Field off from magic entirely. While overpowers can customize and alter a world's access to magical energy, seemingly at will, the same can be accomplished through the combined power of a Deus Field's pantheon(s) and/or exceptionally powerful faerie courts.

Whether created through divine power or natural processes, most known worlds possess an emanation called a Deus Field. A Deus Field is composed of the detritus of Creation, disorganized components of the Mortal Coil, and possesses magical and supernal properties. This field of matter and energy, often reinforced by the decree of the power(s) that birthed it, serves to protect the world it surrounds. No magic, with the possible exception of powerful epic spells and impressive supernal might, can penetrate it (thus, spells like greater teleportation are worthless for planet-to-planet travel and divinations cannot see into the mysterious void nor beyond it to other worlds). The area within a Deus Field often has unique properties. For example, in Midlorr, the Saldra have empowered the Deus Field to not only severely limit their own ability to enter their world, but to restrict the interference of interloper gods and cosmic entities.

The nature of magic within a Deus Field is usually determined by the presiding overpower or pantheon head. Some worlds are designed in such a way that epic magic can manifest with few limitations while others do not allow epic magic at all. The Deus Field of Midlorr, for example, restricts not just epic magic by doubling the costs of all spells cast within its Deus Sphere, but also by limiting spells that allow extraplanar access or travel. Worlds that spontaneously spawn may have little to no magic or else have magic of the likes that make epic spells superfluous. Regardless, the presence or lack of magic in a Deus Field has no impact on how easy or difficult one is to breach.

The range of a Deus Field varies from world to world. On an earth-like planet, a Deus Field often rises 50,000 feet above sea-level, towering invisibly above the highest mountains. On Midlorr, with the highest mountain, Arxth Maximmuth rising some 70,000 feet, the Deus Sphere extends over 140,000 feet above sea-level.

As an interesting aside, comets often absorb quantities of the magical energy scattered through the Deus Field and this energy empowers them to cause or herald supernatural events. It is for this reason that comets are perceived as powerful omens across the Mortal Coil.

Deus Fields are arranged into clusters called galaxies. These clusters are dense in the center and more scattered and spread out towards the fringes. Ancient tales speak of great magical ships that were designed to traverse the vast distances between worlds, particularly the worlds at the core of a galaxy. To date, these tales have yet to be confirmed.

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