The Drala are the seven deities of Oriund. (It may be more appropriate to refer to the Drala in the past tense in the current time-frame, as four of them are destroyed, and the remaining three have no overt influence in Oriund.)

At the beginning of the Eternal Age, the Drala found a loophole in the pact of dominance that allowed them to manifest avatars on Oriund. Immediately, they descended into the lands of their worshippers, setting themselves up as kings and queens of their own immense fiefs, and promptly warring with each other.

While historical records of the Dralic Period are sparse in nature, it appears that the gods' portfolios quickly changed, until each and every one of them represented fertility in some manner. Given the need for each of the Drala to quickly increase their own worship-base, and have sufficient soldiers to fuel the frequent periods of warfare, it makes sense that fertility became a major concern.


The Drala usually operated through their Kingpriests.

The seven Drala are/were:

Name of Drala Focus/Portfolio
Ebara Goddess of the Harvest and Agriculture/Fertility
Ceolos God of the Sun/Fertility
Elúa Goddess of the Moon/Fertility
Correoc God of the Ocean/Fertility
Paixón Goddess of Love/Fertility
Cazador God of the Hunt/Survival/Fertility
Maruxiña God of the Family/Hearth/Fertility

Of these, Ebara, Cazador and Elúa have not been destroyed.

However, as the kingpriests long ago separated the Drala from their worship-bases, all three remaining Drala have changed their focus (and thus their portfolios).

The current portfolios of the remaining Drala are:

Name of Drala Focus/Portfolio
Ebara Goddess of Despair and Fruitlessness
Elúa Goddess of Lunacy and Inconstancy
Cazador God of Enduring Vengeance
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