Map of Drm created by PAOLO based upon a design by Serge W. Desir, Jr.

Most humen in Drm live within the confines of lands Under the Crown and in the Chain. The phrase “Under the Crown and in the Chain” (“Lands Under the Crown” for short) refers to locations south of the mountain range called the Crown of Burquebain, east of the sister range known as the Chain of Burquebain, west of the Ash Mountains, and north of the Vhythalimos Sea. Most of recorded Drmian history has revolved around this region. Relatively little is known about the lands beyond the Crown of the north, west of the Chain, and south of the churning waters of Vhythalimos. The dwarves of Burquebain have kept their attentions to their neighbors and enemies in the south and, to the knowledge of historians, they have rarely ventured into Froden Norv. Due to trade between lands in the Great Kharsis Desert with Ashtur, not to mention the recent incursions of clandestine Merchants of Kharsis, the lands west of the Chain of Burquebain, particularly the northeast regions of the Desert, are moderately known and steeped in a great mystery and lore that has yet to be verified by even the sages of Mandl. In this area are the great and fabled lands of Klm and Nsm; trade between these lands and the Lands Under the Crown has proven profitable for both sides. Still, what lies in the Great Kharsis Desert and beyond is largely unknown to most people of Klm and unfathomable to those Under the Crown. Likewise, in the Desolate South very little beyond the city of Tetholas has been revealed. Although there is greater and greater trade between the Lands Under the Chain and the people of the Desolate South, many who have attempted to breach the darkness of Bleakwood have yet to return.

The following is a brief description of traditional terrain types and average encounter levels for certain areas in the continent-realm of Drm. This material does not describe the locations in detail, but provides enough information for DMs to start a campaign in the Lands Under the Crown.

Agrabathor Jungles EL 15: Warm Forests, Warm Hills, Warm Marshes, and Warm Mountains. Aberrations, elementals, magical beasts, monstrous humanoids, and undead are prevalent.

Crown of Burquebain EL 10: Cold Forest, Cold Hills, Cold Mountain.

The Deep Sea EL 5: Cold Aquatic, Cold Hills, Cold Plains, Temperate Aquatic, Temperate Hills, Temperate Plains.

The Eternal Forest EL 10: Temperate Forest. Very dense with sylvan creatures, particularly couatl, pegasi, and unicorns.

The Gilded Path EL 8: Temperate Hills. The Gilded Path is relatively dense with elementals, fey, magical beasts, and outsiders.

The Golden Plains EL 12: Warm Hills, Warm Plains. A “traditional” savannah with plenty of magical beasts and monstrous humanoids, and a fair number of elementals and aberrations.

Vast Expanse EL 10: Temperate Desert, Temperate Plains, Warm Plains.

Vhythalimos Sea EL 18: Warm Aquatic. Aberrations and magical beasts populate the area.

Worm’s Wood EL 9: Temperate Forest, Warm Forest. Aberrations, magical beasts, monstrous humanoids, outsiders, and undead are prevalent.

Wynding River Valley EL 6: Temperate Forest. The Wynding River Valley has few magical beasts and very few fey creatures.

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