Hopestealer, Fearherder
Goddess of Despair and Fruitlessness
Former Goddess of the Harvest, Agriculture and Fertility

Ebara is one of the seven Drala, the native gods of Oriund. As with her peers, she found a loophole in the Pact of Dominance that allowed her to manifest herself physically on Oriund. Swiftly, she set about to establish direct control over her own divine fief, located in the Western Balmlands region.

As with all other Drala, Ebara showed a preference for worship from sapiens (and, to a lesser extent, the kin). The sapiens native to the area are therefore referred to as Ebars.

As the Ebaric population rapidly rose, Ebara claimed larger and larger swathes of land to support her people. Ebara showed perhaps the least interest of all the Drala in converting dwarves, duruban and elves; relations with these races went from tense to all-out genocidal warfare with the space of a single generation. However, she was also the first of the Drala to attempt to subdue and subsequently militarize the hobgoblins. From this position, Ebara promptly began to war with Maruxiña in particular.

Ebara was betrayed by her Kingpriest, Haorus, during the Eastwind Conspiracy, and was imprisoned in The Dream for approximately 7,000 years. She was inadvertently released during the Barthrax Crisis, where several of her peers were destroyed.

Ebara fled from Barthrax and went into hiding in the Shadowfell.

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