Emperian Ranks And Personalities

Archprelate The Archprelate is the highest political and clerical position in the Emperian theocracy. The Archprelate is chosen from among the ranks of the Lord-Prelates, and (among other things) has the power to veto legislation, excommunicate, and represents the final court of appeal in Emperi.

Lord-Prelate The fourteen Lord-Prelates (whose numbers include the Archprelate) hold all executive and legislative power in Emperi.

Prelate-General The highest rank from among the Bishopric Militant. There are seven Prelate-Generals at any one time, who work with the six Lord-Generals and the Archprelate to make all military decisions. Prelate-Generals do not fall into the same hierarchy as Lord-Prelates or Bishop-Adjudicants.

Bishop-Adjudicant A Bishop-Adjudicant is also an Archbishop, and represents the highest tier of judicial power in Emperi after the Archprelate.

Current Emperian Leaders

Archprelate (also Lord-Prelate of Emperi City) Ucio Cibran (M)
Lord-Prelate of Intagre Estevo Nicolau (M)
Lord-Prelate of Stedd Lino Uxio (M)
Lord-Prelate of Phorut Carme Margarida (F)
Lord-Prelate of Tremp Lois Bieito (M)
Lord-Prelate of Kanden Aleixo Xesuts (M)
Lord-Prelate of Deisn Sabela Dores (F)
Lord-Prelate of Paarens Breixo Artur (M)
Lord-Prelate of Halet Iago Paolo (M)
Lord-Prelate of Oorvens Xose Roi (M)
Lord-Prelate of Juut Lia Noela (F)
Lord-Prelate of Fielled Maria Xoana (F)
Lord-Prelate of Monsl Afonso Arberte (M)
Lord-Prelate of Camean Bartolomeu Vitor (M)

Prelate-General Xabier Roi (M)

Lord-General Curon Traylo Hifor (M)
Lord-General Guerres Ispad (M)

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