The northeastern-most city of Valdeze, Greenspar is named after one of Archlord Valernus’ half-elven allies called the Green Spear. Although there a number of statues of this individual scattered throughout the city and in associated towns and hamlets, most Valds have no idea that he was of elven heritage. Greenspar is home to the Ecclesiastical Temple, one of the Seven Cathedrals of the Ministry; the Grand Archway, the battalion of Valdeze’s Riders of Justice is also found here. Greenspar and its associated towns and hamlets are in perpetual conflict with the Wyrmspine Hills elves, Eselix, and the Raiders of Worm’s Wood due in part to Greenspar’s aggressive farming within the northern area of the Claimed Lands. The conflict is further intensified by the fact that Greenspar, alongside Ethenus, serves as the chief source of Valdeze’s agriculture, supporting farmsteads, vineyards, and a variety of florists and herbalists. As a result, Greenspar has more Guards per capita than any other city in Valdeze save Valernus. The current Lord Mayor, Carmen “Elvesbane” Tomson, is a well-regarded hero of the second Claimed Lands War. He supports anything that serves to expand Greenspar, kill elves, and destroy Eselix and the Raiders of Worm’s Wood. As a result, Lord Elvesbane is allied to the Gilded Chalice and other large trading guilds dedicated to expanding into the Claimed Lands, and to the most powerful Justice in Greenspar – and some would say in Valdeze – Mori Graedig. Mori Graedig not only has the ear of the Gilded Chalice, he also has ties directly to the Glass Towers in Quasii through his marriage to the Ond’s sister.

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