Karath Sten

Karath Sten was the chief district and city ruled over by the Drala Ebara, prior to her overthrow by her own Kingpriest, Haorus, at the end of the Eternal Age. It was situated in the midst of what is now the Bay of Satid. At the time, the lands were well watered, extremely fertile, and highly populated.

All that changed in the cataclysmic struggle of Drala versus Kingpriest, and the verdant lands of Karath Sten sank below the waves. Karath Reef, in the midst of the bay, is a shipping hazard formed by the ruins of the myriad towers of the city of Karath Sten. Several of the towers are tall enough that they still rise above the water, though they have diminished over time with erosion.

The Parchment Haorus has decreed that the reef and its vicinity is a forbidden area.

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