Land of Dreams (Ethereal Plane)

The Land of Dreams is often referred to as the Ethereal Plane. Every Deus Sphere its own unique Dream Realm. All of these realms are connected via the True Dream (Deep Ethereal). The Land of Dreams is the conduit which elements from the Elemental Realities pass through, essentially becoming the “protomatter” that forms the building blocks of physical life in the Mortal Coil. Many so-called demiplanes also lurk here, like the Nightmare or Shadow (although some insist that the Demiplane of Shadow is its own Eternal Bridge).

Ethereal Plane Traits

  • Coexistent with the Material Plane.
  • The Astral Plane is coterminous with any Near Ethereal location.
  • No astral links exist in the Deep Ethereal.
  • Near Ethereal locations connect to each of the Inner Planes, but each is separated from the other by the Deep Ethereal.

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