Linscend is one of the continent-realms of Midlorr. It is distinguished by exceptional variety in climate, the prominence of monotheistic religion, the influence of many powerful faerie courts, and the lurking dangers of the Void Between the Stars.

The most powerful religious groups on the continent follow The Weaver of Souls, the sole remaining power among the Sala. Many refuse to worship her, but even many among these unbelievers understand her to be the most pivotal figure in the world; the question is simply whether she is the ultimate force of deliverance or ruin for Linscend, whether she must be followed to glorious victory or fought to the dying breath.

The faerie courts of Linscend are composed of primal powers of the natural world, who reign over the birds and beasts and seasons and climes of wilderness and farmland alike. They primarily reside in the Otherworld, Annwn, which exists alongside the mundane world and is as much a part of it as a dreamer is part of her dream (or vice versa). Although there are many courts, the most well-known are the Seelie Court, the Unseelie Court, the Wild Hunt, the Demesne Courts, and the Watchers of the Current.

The Void Between the Stars rarely touches Linscend directly, but every time it does, the consequences are dire.

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