The primary world of The Godspell Campaign Setting is called Midlorr. Although no one knows for certain, it is safe to assume that Midlorr is roughly the size of Earth. Generally speaking, it possesses many of the same geographical and meteorological aspects of Earth. However, there are plenty of differences beyond just the magic that oozes across the planet.

In The Godspell cosmology, Midlorr exists in the Material Plane, referred to as the Mortal Coil. The Mortal Coil is surrounded by the Land of Dreams, the Ethereal Plane, which in turn links the Mortal Coil to the Elemental Realities. There are also gaps in the Mortal Coil known as the Void Between the Stars (or the Darkness Between the Stars). The Mortal Coil is also hugged by the Sea of Thought, better known as the Astral Plane. Tied to the Sea of Thought are the Realms Beyond or the Realms of Spirits (sometimes referred to as the Outer Planes).

Midlorr is divided into three distinct continent-realms, a designation for continents between which mundane and most forms of magical travel is difficult or impossible. It is unknown how beings may travel between the three continent-realms, although the Cilidian promises that this feat will be accomplished during the Great Reckoning. The are three continent-realms are Drm, Oriund and Linscend. Each has its own pantheon of gods which are collectively known to the learned as the Saldra, the Aldra for Drm, the Drala for Oriund, and the Sala for Linscend. However, The Godspell binds the continent-realms together literally and symbolically.


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