Oriund Races


While Drm is populated with all Humen races, Oriund, like Linscend, does not have as broad a representation. Human beings, or sapiens, are by far the dominant races in Oriund. This is probably due to the fact that the Drala barred all other deities from access to Oriund. Elves are little known and feared, dwelling deep within a few dense woods and forest. Unlike their brighter cousins in Drm, Oriund Elves are manipulative and secretive; they are as likely to kill those who travel into their lands as they are to aid them. They seem to take delight in toying with sapiens much like cats do with mice. Elves are rarely seen outside of forests, although they were said to travel invisibly and at night to pay homage first to the Drala and later to the Parchments. Most elves are considered subjects to the Parchment of the Earth, Haorus.


The Origins of Dragonborn in Oriund


Dwarves, like elves, sparsely populate the continent. Again, they differ drastically from their Drmian counterparts. Like Drmian dwarves, the Oriund variety lives underground; however, many tribes refuse to live under mountains. Oriund dwarves are very secretive and avoid contact with all non-Dwarves. Unlike elves, Oriund dwarves never seek to harm unless threatened. Like the elves, dwarves are considered subjects of Haorus, although some live far enough north to fall under the purview of Bynara, Parchment of Fire.


There are no reliable accounts of Chirpto in Oriund.


Duruban were largely killed in mass genocidal wars by the Drala early in the Second Age. Degenerate, barbaric tribes still persist in some isolated parts of the Gray Basin.


Hobgoblins largely degenerated into dangerous and mischievous goblins. These small, wiry creatures are spread across Oriund and prey on the weak and unsuspecting, usually robbing and beating those unlucky enough to gain their attention. The designs behind these random acts of violence are unclear and the goblins rarely kill their victims. Some true hobgoblins can still be found in the extreme south of the Gray Basin, living a nomadic, largely uncivilized lifestyle.


There are no gnomes in Oriund.


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