Oriund Timeline

Prehistory (PH)

5,000-10,000 years

The Eternal Age (EA)

8,930 years
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0 About this time, the Drala found a loophole in the Pact of Dominance, and were able to manifest their avatars physically on Oriund. Immediately, they set up their own kingdoms, and the continent descended into almost constant war between the various states.

Age of Expansion (AE)

800 years
0 The Eastwind Conspiracy leaves the Drala imprisoned in the Dream, while the Kingpriests ascend to power in their place as the Parchments. Only five of seven Parchments survive the battle with the Drala.
1 Aemmoral is born under miraculous circumstances to a barren woman.

Age of Reason (AR)

1,565 years
0 Master founded by Aemmoral the Principle
7 Founding of Uras
(Telm Tallbrow lived during this time, in Master)

Age of Manifestations (AM)

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1 Emperi and Visaous are founded.
3 - 14 War of the Lotus (Kaugan Civil War)

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