The divine pantheon of Midlorr. According the Cilidian, the Saldra all hate each other and this hatred forced them to divide into three separate camps after the Clash of Spirits and the crafting of the Pact of Dominance. The camps and their respective continent-realms are: the Aldra for Drm, the Drala for Oriund, and the Sala for Linscend.

While there are other divine (and cosmic) beings in Midlorr, the Saldra have a connection to the planet and its wonders in a way surpassing all would-be interlopers. While the Saldra have suffered the interference of some foreign pantheons, like the dwarven Masters of the Mountain or the elven Children of the Glade, other gods and cosmic beings have earned the Saldra’s undying enmity. Such enmities are among the only things that could prompt the Saldra to temporarily unite. The Saldra are all dedicated to gaining the power of The Godspell… or else ensuring that no one uses it.

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