The Shrouded Coasts

This region, east of Emperi along the coast, includes a short fringe of coastal plain that generally extends no further than 20 - 30 miles inland, before rising up swiftly into the towering Everwinters. As the foothills of the Everwinters are generally too inhospitable to support large populations of humens, and arable land is relatively sparse, the coastal plains have largely been denuded of forests. Many rivers in the region are heavy with the silt of the tree-less plains, preventing shipping of most sizes from traveling upriver. However, the region has many good anchorages and harbors, and several nations of some consequence thrive in the region.


One of two major nations in the region, Juenterr is often simply referred to as Juen, after the major city that has generalled ruled these lands since its founding. Juen lies less than fifty miles along the coast from the Emperian border, but is not heavily influenced by the Church-State. Rather, Juen has traditionally been a haven for displaced aristocracy from the Emperian province of Foin (particularly Intagre). Juen is a major port in the region.

Juenterr is most heavily populated along the coastal plains, where rice is the staple food. Further inland, as the land becomes more barren, sapien population drops off sharply. Goblins, dwarves, and some giants (particularly ogres and ettins) can be found in these wilder lands.

Juenterr is a hereditary monarchy, with the ruling monarch taking the title of Grand Duke. The current ruler is Grand Duke Nundaro VIII.


While Uras is actually found - according to legend - on an island in the middle of the [name this sea!], it is nonetheless considered to be part of the Shrouded Coasts, and its legend even helped contribute to the name of the region.


Ruled from Achram, Picota is the most powerful state of the Shrouded Coasts. Sufficiently distant from any other major powers (such as Emperi or Master), the nation has been allowed to take advantage of large amounts of arable land, a great number of safe harbors, and trade routes across the Vale-States. As a consequence, Picota boasts a powerful, professional navy, and armed forces sufficient enough to exert power across the region. The nation is famous for its support of privateers that prey on both Emperian and Panthelian interests.

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