The Bloody Heart

The Bloody Heart is a large lake that lies near the center of the Wood. Due to strange soil properties, the water of the Blood Heart is a rich red. Some suspect that this discoloration is not due to modern agricultural attitudes, but due to the numerous dragon bones that surround the Blood Heart in the field of scales. A massive, dense fog covers the lake; this fog is so thick that it is virtually impossible to see the Heart’s center. There are rumors of a small island lying at the lake’s center. The area within ten miles of the Blood Heart is a blasted waste land of perpetually rotting plants and barren soil. A reddish mist, perhaps part of the thick fog at the area’s center, carries a rich, copper stench. The Bloody Heart is populated by all manner of foul creatures not limited to supernatural wolves, stirge swarms, and other unsavory beasts. There are persistent rumors of undead among the Blood Heart and it is thought that lycanthropes prowl the surrounding area. It is thought that the Bloody Heart is sacred to the cult of Ostensis and that the location is a regular meeting place for the vying factions. As a result, only the insane or incredibly desperate dare travel the Woods whether day or night.

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