The Covered Hovel

Located on the northern banks of Worm’s Bile Lake, the Covered Hovel has been in Worm’s Wood for as long as anyone can remember. It is a small, stone hut before which stands a shrine to an unknown god. Most have assumed that the Hovel is dedicated to Ostensis but many scholars doubt this considering that the items found at the shrine tend to be associated with reptiles, fish, and other cold-blooded creatures. On occasion, there are signs of sacrifices at the shrine. Most fishermen, travelers, and elves leave the place be although a few have told stories of a hidden entrance into caves beneath the Wyrmspine Hills. For the past two decades, there has been a hideous old woman living in the Hovel. Known only as the Covered Crone, this wretched woman is known to make potions and to grant aid, all for small fees like the procurement of certain fish or serpents in the Wood.

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