The Godspell (Artifact)

The Godspell is an artifact - actually a set of artifacts that can be combined into one. It was formed at the creation of the Cosmos when Creator destroyed itself as part of creation. Should the Godspell be reunited, it could be "cast"; the caster could then remake the cosmos as he or she wished.

The following is an excerpt from The Seven Spheres by Xpa the Renown.

There is no exaggeration in stating that the Seven Spheres, the mysterious artifacts of immeasurable power, are the cause of all the major calamities and events in the continent-realm of Drm. Whether directly or indirectly, the Seven Spheres are the reason for all major wars, including the devastating Darkhold… It is a certainty that there are no other items in all of Creation more coveted or feared than the Seven Spheres of God.

As I stated in earlier writings, the Seven Spheres are one third of a larger power: The Godspell. The Spheres, also referred to as the Globes of God, when joined with the power of the monolithic Oracles and the shattered Mosaic, have the power to create a full-fledged deity more powerful than all other known entities in Creation. According to the Cilidian, The Godspell is the “remains” of the Creator, the Entity responsible for all there is, can be, may be, will be, etc. This Creator, determining that its existence would adversely impact the free-will of all lesser creatures, allowed itself to be sundered and robbed of its Singular Sentience. Of course, such a being cannot “die,” at least not in the traditional sense. For the Creator to have done such a thing would have resulted in the obliteration of Everything. So, its being was divided into three parts. The Oracles, scattered across Midlorr and the Realities Beyond, constitute the Mind of God, maintaining fragments of the Creator’s sentience. The Mosaic constitutes the Word of God, reflecting all of the Creator’s aspects and hegemony over existence and oblivion. Then there are the Seven Spheres, the Power of God…

The Cilidian recounts that the Spheres were scattered across the continent-realm of Drm when the saldrash ascended to the great unknown. The Cilidian and the Elven Bards claim that the saldrash used the Seven Spheres as giant “batteries” to power their majestic cities, conceive the Unholy Pools, and ultimately create humenity. Then, using The Godspell, the saldrash ascended into the Beyond, leaving the Seven Spheres on Drm. When the saldrash ascended, the Mosaic was shattered into seven parts and scattered across the continent-realm of Oriund while the Oracles burst from the ground in various places on Midlorr. At least three major events in the continent-realm of Drm involved the Seven Spheres: the Demon Wars, the Dragonhold, and The Darkhold. The latter of these events, The Darkhold, was the last time all Seven Spheres were within immediate proximity to each other. The Cilidian holds that eventually, during the End of Days, the so-called Great Reckoning, a Keeper of the Seven will arise and take the Spheres and eventually unite The Godspell, ending all Creation. Many believe that the Great Reckoning is already upon the world of Midlorr and that the Keeper has already been born and is very likely pursuing her or his destiny.

Many contemporary scholars find much of the above history concerning the Seven Spheres suspect. Few scholars give the Cilidian much credence; fewer still pay any mind to the legends of the Elven Bards. There are many glaring inconsistencies in the Cilidian, too many to spend space recounting here, and it is well known that the Elven Bards are notoriously divergent in their legends. Indeed, a growing number of scholars doubt the legends associated with the days prior to the establishment of the Ministry, believing that The Darkhold and similar events are nothing more than mythological tales and that the Seven Spheres themselves are metaphors for the pursuit of self-knowledge. While I do not go as far as some of these scholars, I do doubt the veracity of some of the legends…

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