The Silent Groves

There are at least a dozen magically hidden gnomish Groves in Worm’s Wood, the “cities” of these diminutive people. Each Grove is part of a larger confederacy and enjoys mutual protection due to the power of the gnome wizards of the Guuptaud (often called the Sly Sinister Superiors, or SSS for short, by sapiens). These wizards maintain the powerful illusions that make it all but impossible to find the Groves. The three largest Groves, Green Glade, Hidden Haven, and Pristine Springs, have no more than 300 gnomes, and a Grove King leads each Grove. By and large, the Groves remain neutral with regards to Worm’s Wood politics, but all rabidly hate the Ostensi, who try to murder the gnomes whenever possible. Recently, a growing minority of gnomes has established ties with the Raiders of Worm’s Wood. The gnomes are said to know many secrets associated with Worm’s Wood and its denizens.

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