Valernus (major metropolis) The Silver City: Conventional (primary) and Magical (secondary); AL LN; 150,000gp limit; 425,250,000gp assets; Population 56,704; Mixed (sapien 89%, kin 5 %, 3% other, dwarf 2%, half-elf 1%).
Authority Figures: The High Court of Valdeze (counsel of 15 sapien males) LN; High Justice Aldemeer V male sapien LN, Lord High Commander of the Lord’s Guard, Nephermire Thunderblaze male sapien LG; High Minister Kalverstat male sapien LG; Arch Lord Horris III male sapien LN; Head Librarian Duke Dentun male sapien N; Gilded Chalice Gildmaster, Tysoriun Madderghast male sapien LN (E).
Currency: Valernus calls its gold pieces vecra. Lesser and greater currencies are accorded the proper metallic identifier. Platinum vecra is all but unheard of even in this wealthy city, while the typical trading coinage is silver vecra.

The capital city of Valdeze, Valernus is named after the first Archlord and hero of the Bloody Revolt, Valernus I. Valernus is one of the most populous, beautiful, and modern cities in Drm. Valernus was designed with the aid of a powerful wizard and dwarves; it is divided into three Walls. The outer wall, known as the Square Wall, doubles as the aqueducts that feed the city’s water supply; it includes the Wynding Port, a good many dilapidated and ancient buildings and duruban ruins, and the bulk of Valernus’ population. The wall’s walkways, some twenty feet above the ground, are built from the same limestone as the Walls of Valernus and are heavily manned by Lords’ Guards. Like all other cities in Valdeze, entrance into Valernus requires a paid toll, as well as the recording of the name and destination of those entering (all Lords’ Guards at the Square Wall can read and write). Within the inner wall, or Triangle Wall, are the homes and working places of merchants, artisans, guild masters, and where farmers (independent and otherwise) selling their wares. The great wall, or Wall of the Sphere, is circular, made from marble, and bears repeated images of Valernus’ seal, The Diving Eagle. Within the Wall of the Sphere are the many great sights of Valernus. Expanding from a pristine spring the size of a small lake is the Silver Blood of Valernus. Designed by the famous wizard, Seeroth the Dark, this spring is the center of Valernus and one of the dominant spouts always directs visitors to one of the following destinations.

The High Court of Valdeze, a monumental windowless building, is found here as well as the various annexes of the Court. The Houses of Drm, likewise massive marble constructs, are close by. The Houses are where the Justices, visiting Lord Mayors and visiting nobles of the Line of Valernus, foreign dignitaries, and other important persons stay while in Valdeze. Eagle Manor, the fortress of Valernus, is the home of Archlord Horris III. Of ancient, castle-like design, Eagle Manor frequently sees entertainment and similar social events for the powerful in Valdeze. The Glory of the Gauntlet, built of cement and reinforced steel, is home to the sitting High Minister of Valdeze, Lord Kalverstat, is also found here. One of the greatest draws for learned men and women in Drm is the magnificent edifice, the towering Valernus Library. The Library is one of the few places in Valernus completely independent of the Ministry, the multi-country church in which Valdeze is incorporated. Legends claim that it was constructed by Seeroth shortly after The Darkhold under the authority of the noble house of Dentun of the Line of Valernus. To this day, the Valernus Library is controlled by a Duke of Dentun; indeed, the current duke is named Dentun. One can also find the headquarters of powerful mercantile conglomerates and trading costers like the Gilded Chalice, the Knights of the Gauntlet, and the Blackbear Company. The nefarious thieves’ guild, the Rose Guild, is also headquartered in the Silver City.

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