Wyrmspine Hills

The name “Wyrmspine Hills” is a misnomer as the “hills” are among the largest mountains in the area. Lying just north of Wormbile Lake, the lower portions of the range are covered in lush vegetation and trees, the sharp, curved peaks are barren save for large icecaps, hence the name. In the distant past, Wyrmspine Hills were home to copper dragons. Most of these creatures disappeared by the Fourth Age, pushed out by green dragons, duruban, and goblins. For a time, the duruban and giants shared the range until the arrival of the elves. Now the Hills are a vast stretch of relatively untouched wilderness that does not make life easy for those unprepared for its challenges. Aside from the A’Grabath elves that occupy the lower stretches of the Hills, one can find other strange creatures like basilisks, drakes, owlbears, the occasional manticore, mercurial fey and elemental spirits. Goblins and trolls are a constant threat to all but the elves in the area, and Hill giants are thought to dominate the range’s eastern reaches. The druids hold Wyrmspine Hills as one of the most sacred locations in the Wood, perhaps second to the Heart of the Wood.

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